Berjé Flavor Ingredients

Berjé Inc. is regarded in the industry as a leading supplier of innovative and unique raw materials. This reputation enhances our ability to bring you a broad palate of flavor ingredients.


From fusion-flavored fruit juices and citrus-based drinks to refreshing colas, from bold energy drinks to soothing herbal tea blends, and from healthy vitamin waters to flavored beers and liquors, never has there been such a vast selection of beverage options. Current beverage consumers are not just seeking a satisfying drink; they are looking for new taste experiences, often with an eye towards calorie intake and healthy choices. Help your clients quench their thirst with Berjé Inc.’s flavor ingredient solutions or with blends from our new herbal division.

Oral Care

Whether you desire a fresh taste, a cooling sensation, or simply a masking agent with lasting flavor impact, mints are a critical element to achieving this effect. Berjé Inc. has established its expertise on mints and cooling agents, and has the right partnerships to deliver market-tested mint solutions. If a spice, fruit flavored, or essential oil based product is desired, we have many options for these additional categories as well.


Three trends are driving this category: an increasingly global taste palate, snacks consumed during the work or school day, and the growing movement towards more economically balanced and healthier home cooking. Whatever new cultural taste trend, snack sensation, or comfort cuisine you are creating, Berjé Inc. has a vast range of spice and herb oils, dried herbal products, and other extracts designed to support these market changes.


As the world of yogurt bars expands and reinvents this category, new concepts like packing lunch boxes with pouches of “to-go” yogurt and words like “probiotics” have become a part of our lexicon and shape our new dairy culture. Berjé Inc. provides flavor ingredients for frozen and fluid dairy products including ice-cream, gelato, other desserts, flavored cheeses, spreads, coffee creamers, yogurts, and beyond..


One rising consumer trend is an expectation for confections and sweet goods to feature functional benefits in addition to satisfying the need for something sweet. One example of how brands have responded to this trend is by introducing gum that kills germs. Another example is the abundance of healthier snacks. Berjé Inc. is a valuable source for flavor ingredients for confections and other sweets including baked goods, hot and cold cereals, hard candy, chewing gums, chocolates, fondants, and other snack applications.


More information on Berjé's Flavor Safety Assurance Program found here