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The pet care market is a substantial industry. Currently 63% of American households own at least one pet while 45% own more than one.* Not only do more people own pets, these pet "parents" are spending more on their "children" than ever before. Purchasing such luxuries as holiday and birthday gifts is common place while upgrading such necessities as pet food, leashes, bedding, and grooming products has become the norm.

Berjé already works with some of the largest and more ethical pet care brands to develop grooming products as pet shampoos and conditioners, environmental maintenance products, spot and stain removers, and odor treatment sprays, powders, and gels.

If you are considering natural oils like pennyroyal, citronella, eucalyptus, and cedar wood to control fleas, or wormwood and menthol eucalyptus for veterinary care, Berjé can supply these and other raw materials individually or in an essential oil blend for use in your products.

*(APPMA- American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

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