Berjé is a global sourcing organization with supply lines in Europe, Asia, India, Australia, North and South America. With our deep involvement and continuing commitment to all parts of the world we have cultivated mutually beneficial relationships, in an atmosphere of openness and transparency, allowing us to offer you manufacturing capabilities and raw materials of unparalleled scope.

Essential Oils

Berjé maintains one of the largest and most diverse inventories of essential oils in the world. This strong position allows for efficient raw material supply and fragrance compounding turn-around time, accommodating our customers’ just-in-time inventory requirements. We carry everything from Amyris oil to Zdravetz oil providing a range from the common commercially produced products to the esoteric.

Aromatic Chemicals

In addition to natural essential oils, Berjé offers a comprehensive range of aroma chemicals. We stock some 2,500 aromatics for flavor, fragrance, and pharmaceutical applications offering a full spectrum ranging from turpentine derived products to natural isolates of essential oils. Our offerings of rare pyrazines, thiazoles and diverse sulfur compounds expand monthly. If we do not have what you want in stock, we will make all efforts to find a product for you. Our sourcing expertise is extensive.

Berje Trakia

From the land of Orpheus, Berjé Trakia processes up to 500 tons of rose and lavender flowers and will grow to produce basil, dill, and fennel to supply the industry with these raw materials from this traditionally important region.

Berjé Trakia is located in the Thrace region of Bulgaria just south of the Danube. Thracians influenced Greek culture producing such culture-bearers as Orpheus who, with his music and singing, it is said, could charm wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks to dance and even divert the course of rivers.

After the fall of Rome, Trakia turned into a battleground territory for the better part of the next 1,000 years and was incorporated into Bulgaria in the 9th century.

Today Trakia has a strong cultural and regional identity in Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey and is a vital growing region for a wide range of essential oils and other natural ingredients crucial to flavor creation and perfumery.

Miltitz Aroma Chemicals

Berjé represents Miltitz Aromatics in the Americas, Canada and Australia. Miltitz Aromatics, located within the Wolfen Chemi Park near Leipzig Germany, which is the cradle of the German chemical industry, is well suited for the manufacture of flavor and fragrance ingredients. Berjé’s strong working relationship with Miltitz provides a secure and quality-driven source of fine products. As well, Miltitz’ ever-expanding capabilities and commitment to research and development provides innovative products for the marketplace. Berjé’s distribution and service combined with Miltitz’ manufacturing creates a firmly positioned team to meet the needs of our customers and the future needs of our industry.

Whole Herb Company
Whole Herb Company

The Whole Herb Company is Berjé's most recent aquisition. The Whole Herb Company has been a premium Botanical and Spice ingredient supplier to the Spice, Tea & Nutraceutical Industries since 1975. Our vision is one of fair trade, and we have over 30 years of experience in building relationships based on trust and integrity with our suppliers and customers around the world. Our mission is to provide the finest ingredients available, measured against the toughest standards in the industry, at fair and competitive prices. Please review the list of products and contact us for more details regarding this exciting and unique group of materials.